Custom Grips
Here are a few samples of custom grips created for previous customers.  These grips are wrapped around the handle of the bat in a vertical direction as they are shown.  Once applied, the text will form two columns on opposite sides of the handle and any horizontal text would wrap around the handle.  Please click the installation instruction link for a more detailed description. 

We strive for superior customer service and quick turnaround times to make sure you are satisfied.  We will provide a proof via email for your approval and will work to make sure you are satisfied prior to sending out the finished product.

These grips are only $25 and are designed to meet your specifications.  Please feel free to model your design after one of these or create your own.  Someone will contact you with verification and begin the design right away. 

Team discounts are available.  Please use the Contact button above to submit your team information and number of grips needed for a quote. 

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